Taupo Motorsport Track, ZoomZoom (round1)

June 22nd saw the Sprints and 23rd had Clubmans racing.

Big thanks to Vijay and Taupo Car Club for having ZoomZoom and Team Motive part of the Winter Series. It’s a big jump from summer driving at Hampton Downs, to cold, wet driving in Taupo Motorsport Track. One of our support crew even brought along his Mini Marcos to take around the track! What a blast. Oh and thanks to Tim’s wife for the lovely Beanies she kitted for the Team 🙂

Track day sprints on Saturday was great, getting couple of new guys out in the passenger seat, and Gray in the drivers seat with his M class license.

We had some trouble with ZoomZoom not running 100%, something that got worse as Sunday went on. Both Kurt and myself were cutting up the track, until we had to withdraw due to continued issues (& not wanting to damage the vehicle). Just so happens, as we were going to withdraw, the organisers had stopped racing.

With the help of Gary Morrell (of Morrell Motors) he towed it back to his place for safe keeping in Taupo, then to his garage for diagnostics. Morrell Motors suggested a few replacement parts, and should be ready for next Round of Winter Series

Right Track – Sat 10th May

Another fantastic collection of youth at the Auckland Spinal Unit in Otara 🙂 They were very attentive and asked some good questions.

The 9 attendees jumped in wheelchairs and had a good feel for what life could be like if they (or friend) had a spinal injury. Fun at the start, but got more real as Lee Taniwha and myself shared our stories.

Huge thanks to John, Helen, the officers and others involved in making this Right Track program a success.