Classic Trial – in ZoomZoom!

So driving (technically racing) around the same track I know, Hampton Downs was great in a MX5 aka ZoomZoom.

ZoomZoom is a Team Motive vehicle, a wonderful group of people who built this machine. This small collective of people ties disability together for a unique experience. There’s a few of us that started a project and managed to get this MX5 ready in 8weeks! Thats hectic, but thanks to a massive bunch of people (honestly so many I can’t name them all), it all came together 🙂

This little beastie is so similar and yet so different to Lucy. ZoomZoom handles so well, and with her race tires it’s great, but I just didn’t feel I got enough track time to get comfortable. I mean, first time out in MX5 and my track times went from 1min 48, to 1min 38, to 1min 34s average by the last session! Thanks to chasing Nic in his racing Elf 1275 thrash machine.

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