1yr in Racing (in ZoomZoom) at Hampton Downs

So a year ago, this finale of the season for Classic Time Trial saw me in Lucy and my first time out… a year later, and I still love it 🙂

Barbara Manning gave me a look at the Trophy I won last year (Covid and other challenges stopped me being able to hold it), and it was great meeting her and chatting about her husband Geoff. Amazing to meet a legend that is Barbara at the track, and who’s husband helped build Hampton Downs itself!

I arrived early, and had great help from Andrew Leach (who actually arrived before me!). He towed ZoomZoom to the track in his covered trailer, and helped me get set up! Great man. After scrutineering, while I was at drivers briefing, Andrew set about fixing up our bonnet that needing adjustment. So great having help like that at the track, meant I didn’t have to worry about much, apart from driving Zoomzoom.

The day itself was almost perfect, weather held out and only rained a little at lunch time. We had a dial in time for ‘damp’ weather after lunch, but really the track was pretty dry. Overall a great day, plenty of fun on and off the track. Everyone drove well, even after someone got their keys out of the boot so they could get their Jag out there… Ha ha.


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