Hollister – product promo video

Without sounding to pretentious, it’s all about me!

What a great opportunity for me, and for other wheelchair users (or anyone that needs catheter products), to see someone who uses these products. I was happy and privileged to help promote these catheters, as I personally use them, and find them great.

I’m lucky enough to live in a country where almost everything is covered by the countries health system, even more lucky to be covered by ACC. NZ has pretty good healthcare system, with taxes and levies to cover injuries. There are two healthcare provider systems, either MoH (Ministry of Health) where individuals who contract a congenital illness are covered, and ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) where individuals who have an accident are covered.

I’m hoping to be able to show some other people, wanting to do more then they currently can, that anything is possible. That through support of family and friends, (and some good Hollister products) goals and dreams are within reach.

This is an unpaid product endorsement 😉

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