Activate8 Waikato Shooting Competition – 25th & 26th

It just so happened that two days before the competition (after weeks of some serious training) I started to get sick (Sick as man-fulenza).

While driving down to Hamilton, I was thinking to myself “What am I doing? I’m getting sick & still going to this competition!” Yes, yes I was and that’s the only reason I was going there, to shoot and do whatever it takes to be better. So after Lemsip in the morning, with a tissue in hand and cough drops at the ready, I shot… With a rather exemplary performance considering my man condition.

Managing a 4th position in the Prone and on the Sunday, struggling to a 2nd (by only 0.5) in R1 standing. Not my best performance, but it was my sickest competition to date, so I can only get better from here!


Discovery D56 – 14th Ropes Day & 16th Elders meeting

This year due to shooting commitments I was able to support Discovery with a couple days they have where outsiders can help support their programme.

At both the Ropes Day and Elders meeting I was able to get in an feel like part of the team. I feel both privileged and honoured to be part of the team. Discovery is so much more than just enabling teens with life skills and confidence, it’s more like getting the skills to be ‘more’ of themselves with confidence to do whatever it takes.

Discovery camp fire

Drift For A Cause

Soon, now I’m a member of the DFAC team, face man like I’m now part of the A-team!!

Cam Vernon and Gary Sterling have started an amazing cause to enable those with physical disabilities a chance to participate in some drifting. Using an adapted car with hand controls participants can get passionate about skidding in a car, while in a safe environment. This project has already been functioning for a year now and everyone sees this a growing so support more individuals and groups.

This project is more than drifting, it’s a confidence builder and smile maker.