Drift for a Cause track fun day – Sunday 28th June

What can I say, thanks to Cam Vernon and Gary Sterling for allowing me to become part of the inner circle on & off the track. They have invited me to assist with the running of DFAC car and organisation of events. What an honour.

These guys have set up such a great trust to assist people to have a play in a drift car at Hampton Downs! Totally amazing & totally free for the individuals 😀  So exciting and exhilarating that I for one was shaking after being out on the skid pad. No experience necessary, 16 – 18 with parent consent.

They now have the trust set up a charitable bank account for donations! Prior to that, most of the dollars had come from Cam’s own pocket! Not that he would admit it, what a legend. Why did he do this… because he can 🙂 He’s so modest like that.



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