Activate8 Waikato Shooting Competition – 25th & 26th

It just so happened that two days before the competition (after weeks of some serious training) I started to get sick (Sick as man-fulenza).

While driving down to Hamilton, I was thinking to myself “What am I doing? I’m getting sick & still going to this competition!” Yes, yes I was and that’s the only reason I was going there, to shoot and do whatever it takes to be better. So after Lemsip in the morning, with a tissue in hand and cough drops at the ready, I shot… With a rather exemplary performance considering my man condition.

Managing a 4th position in the Prone and on the Sunday, struggling to a 2nd (by only 0.5) in R1 standing. Not my best performance, but it was my sickest competition to date, so I can only get better from here!


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