20th anniversary Firefighter SkyTower Climb!!

So another Firefighter Skytower climb fundraiser, but this one, was like no other before… This was the 20th anniversary edition, and it was massive.

For the last several years they’ve managed to raise over $1m each year, this year they really raised the bar, aiming high for $2m!!

Every year the event starts off subdued and quietly, then a Haka, followed by a bunch of firefighters climbing the tower for the next 6 hours!!

Remember there’s only around 1000 climbers, raising funds for LFC (Leukaemia Blood Cancer foundation) for only a one day event!! And on this day, this year, the Firefighter Skytower Climb managed to raise $1.92m!!! What an incredible journey and effort from all involved. Fired Up events done an incredible job this year, Scotty, Heather and everyone in the team (including the climbers themselves) have outdone themselves.

Clap clap, well done and pat yourselves on the back. See you all again next year, and do this fundraising again.

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