London Marathon 2024

These last 9 months have been a wild ride of ups and downs towards the start of the London Marathon. It began with an idea of doing the iconic race in my racing wheelchair, whilst wearing my squirrel suit. How I got the squirrel suit is another story. I’ve completed many events here in Auckland in various costumes, but this event would be a huge step up.

I would be the first to take part in this Elite wheelchair event in costume. Firstly overcoming the rather substantial financial challenge (largely in thanks to Hollister) I secured my place with a marathon tour company. Hollister has been a massive supporter of my progress the last couple of years, and I must say, without their unwavering support, I would’ve been able to complete this goal. Thank you Hollister.

Fast forward several months, finding my friend Graeme Williams and myself navigating the flooding Dubai on the way to London. Also no easy feet of blagging my way into the event itself. The organisers were not as excited as I was about the prospect of being in costume, for the Elite racing wheelchair category. However, I managed to run the 26miles with the masses (not as an Elite wheelchair) as this was a compromise they were prepared to make in order for me to participate.

This was incredible journey and the energy from the crowds throughout the entire course, is only able to be described as exceptional. You need to have experienced it to believe just how powerful the cheers and motivation was for 42.2km!!  I had never experienced anything like it. If you ever get the opportunity to tick this box, do it!!

I’m now on the way to getting my Abbotts 6 Star Medal… But that’s a story for another day. I’ll revisit in November, when I do the New York Marathon, as a squirrel!! 🙂

TCS London Marathon 2024TCS London Marathon 2024

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