Skytower Vertical Challenge, Auckland NZ

(c) Copyright 2010

Lee climbs 1024 Steps wearing full Fireman's Suit

I had a great time last year 2011 on May 21st, climbing for Lukemia and Blood Foundation (LBF), and it was just a shame i didnt manage to help gain more awareness and funds for them. Im sure I can do more at another event…

As awesome as it was, some how I managed to break my collarbone on the 38th floor, not that I knew what had happened, so I just continued. Turned out that I wasnt just in pain, it was fractured. Struggling on to a time of 1 hour 52 minutes and hoping to ascend the outside of the tower in 2012.

Well done to Scotty and the rest of the massive contingent that make this event such a success every year! 🙂

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