Auckland Marathon 2023

For a short/highlight video of my pushing the marathon, click here…

Not just another marathon, this is only my 6th marathon, my third Auckland Marathon over the Harbour Bridge.

I’ve had the pleasure of being in the first 2018 Harbour Bridge crossing when wheelchairs were invited back into the Auckland Marathon event. That first time was a bit of eye opener, then I smashed it in 2021 (actually January 2022 due to being postponed due to Covid19 restrictions), wearing my squirrel suit, in under 3 hours.

This year I only wore my squirrel head, not the entire suit, due to my fitness level, and I wanted to test the adjustments we had made to the head (thanks to All West Canvas for getting adjustments done during a lunch break!). Went to the registration on Sat with Chris, cheers for the ride, along with my race chair. Then I collected Chris from the finish line, on way to the start line Sunday morning. At the finish line my friend Graeme collected me at the finish, and took me back to the start, to collect my own car. Sounds confusing, but this was the best way to organise Chris and my chairs to the start, and letting my friend Graeme get another few hours sleep!

The Marathon itself was great, along with Achilles helping organise and support it for the disabled entrants, I felt so privileged and happy with how it went. Planning pre-event, registration and post-event wouldn’t be the same without the wonderful, helpful faces or Achilles team of athlete and supporters. A huge thank you to you all. Chris and I got out of the car in complete darkness, amidst a whirlwind of a storm of wind, nut luckily no rain.

Started pushing around and warm up before hitting the hills of Church Street after the starters orders. Going around Takapuna on our way to the Smales Farm bus station, I was thinking, “Why am I doing this? I could’ve sleep in today.”. Then along the bus road, and over the Harbour Bridge. Around this time I twisted my wrist, because the last 15 or so km were slow and sore. I didn’t push very hard and my heart rate dropped to around 130BPM. As we went through Silo Park were the tram tracks were, someone jumped out in front of me, and made me drop into the track. Luckily I did loose my wheel or damage anything, so that’s good.

By the time I reached the finish line at Victoria Park, my wrist was still hurting, but now so was my shoulder due trying to offset sore wrist… Ha ha, my shoulder didn’t hurt for long, just pulled muscles I think.

Overall, wonderful event, great people, and I fully recommend the Auckland Marathon to anyone for running over the Harbour Bridge! Yes-haa

OHS Awards Ceremony

Wonderful day, and great to come back to my old Alumni awards. Onehunga High School puts on awards every year and I come along to help out one student.

It’s great to see this from most schools, where they ask parents/caregivers to come in and celebrate the successes of students. During the OHS awards I chatted to a couple of parents and a coach, who agreed this event really help promotes success to students.

I’m happy and privileged being part of this process with the deans picking the student. Students selected each year (unsuspectingly) receives and special scholarship from me. I give a cash award to a deserving student each year that nest fits criteria I gave to to OHS several years ago. The students are always surprised and have no idea what the award is for.  I love that special personal approach and after the awards, we have a brief catch up where I explain the reason behind this award.

It’s because when I was younger I didn’t have any direction or focus. After a few years of consideration, I thought it would be a great idea to give something to a student (like me), so they can be encouraged to do ‘something’ with their life.