OHS Awards Ceremony

Wonderful day, and great to come back to my old Alumni awards. Onehunga High School puts on awards every year and I come along to help out one student.

It’s great to see this from most schools, where they ask parents/caregivers to come in and celebrate the successes of students. During the OHS awards I chatted to a couple of parents and a coach, who agreed this event really help promotes success to students.

I’m happy and privileged being part of this process with the deans picking the student. Students selected each year (unsuspectingly) receives and special scholarship from me. I give a cash award to a deserving student each year that nest fits criteria I gave to to OHS several years ago. The students are always surprised and have no idea what the award is for.  I love that special personal approach and after the awards, we have a brief catch up where I explain the reason behind this award.

It’s because when I was younger I didn’t have any direction or focus. After a few years of consideration, I thought it would be a great idea to give something to a student (like me), so they can be encouraged to do ‘something’ with their life.

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