Attitude TV – ZoomZoom, second episode!!

Crazy, I was on Attitude TV last week, and again this week!

Yeah I loved making both episodes. The end of this one has a great message, hard to believe it’s me saying it! Onwards and upwards from ZoomZoom mk1, to… more 😉

Looking forward to saying yes to more activities, doing more, and creating more memories.

Push yourself, do more, get better 🙂


Attitude Tv – MX5 (aka ZoomZoom) and my story

First (or two) episodes of me being on BulletProof/AttitudeTv.

I was lucky enough to be filmed last year and interviewed about my life and my story. So great to be able to share some of my experiences and hopefully encourage others to do more with their lives.

This first episode was more about me and getting my race license. The next episode was more about the B&H500, the race itself, and the others involved in the event.

It’s always a pleasure (& scared) to see myself on the small screen, but I just hope I came across ok. I asked a few friends what they though about their thoughts on the show… They all liked it 🙂

Steve & Kelsi wedding

What a great day!

Steve is a friend from several years ago, we’ve been friends since before I broke my back, so it was my pleasure to be his celebrant. Kelsi is a lovely lady and so great to see them together now.

They invited a few select people to their house for the ceremony, then we headed to Kelsi’s family property a few miles away for the reception. Totally worth the drive to reception, as the farm shed was really set up for celebrating, bar, tables, food, amazing.

Family are so important and beautiful to behold, and sometimes really annoying. Ha ha, such is life.

Thanks again for having me 🙂