Qantas training new cabin crew – FAI250716AKL

What a wonderful Friday, what a wonderful team! This was by far the most emotional group we’ve ever taken and they really took my breath away.

They learned so much while we presented our information and at the end, was given a very emotional thank you by one of the new cabin crew.

They all reacted to my incredible (yes lets call them that) jokes, and retained a lot of the information we shared. Another amazing job well done, thanks their abilities and drive to strive for excellence. Well done Qantas and Jet Connect.

29th July Qantas

Qantas cabin crew intake training – FAI110716AKL

The wonders of Jet Connect again with another 14 crew members being trained up for NZ and Australia.

We gave them the usual information and questions, with the same expectation that they all met wonderfully.

I feel so privileged to be involved with the travel and tourism industry as its a massive part of NZ’s culture. 1 in 6 NZer’s are involved in the T&T industry and therefore needs to be reposted. Not to mention that basic principles for life and dealing with people need to meet or exceed peoples expectations.

I love these people, love this work, and love my life 🙂 Thanks to everyone I come across and you help me evolve.

Qantas 15th July cabin crew