Qantas intake #59

A wonderful day trip (fast as it was) flying down to Christchurch for this intake training. That’s the level of commitment Qantas has to their new cabin crew.

Quiet start with this team, maybe they could tell we were from out of town. Ha ha. Eventually the team warmed up to the energetic way of training, and a warm heartfelt farewell followed.

Qantas intake Chch 18th April #60

“That’s Life” magazine, issue 13, page 18… 2016

Wow, they wrote an article on me and paid me!

This is the 8th article on me and my endeavours over the years. Always fills me with a warmth thats hard to explain. The first thing I wanted to do, each time this happens, is send a copy to my mum. Both my mother and my brother have been instrumental in helping me ‘get better and do more’.

I appreciate all they do for me and how much they (with my friends) have supported me over the years. If only the article said I had a brother! Ha ha, there’s always some sort of mistake in print. This one mentions “..only son..” but brother let is slide. What a great family. I love them so immensely.

3rd April, %22That's Life%22 magazine, page 18, issue 13