Qantas intake #58

A big thank you goes out to Qantas for having a commitment to service and pride in it’s training for having me in to assist the learning of their new intake cabin crew.

We shared some laughs as we go through the basics of what someone with specific needs requires. Strangely enough, it’s just the same as most other people! Communication, acceptance, understanding and genuine authentic presence. Wonderful to see that understanding in a good team like this.

Chalk another one up Qantas, to good service and commitment to better understanding you travellers needs.


27th Jan #58 Qantas

Last Aviation Institute graduation

Due to changes in house at Air NZ, the company has decided not to continue with the Aviation Institute.

So it with sadness and regret that this is the last time I will post anything about the Aviation Institute, unless policy changes mean they reopen.

It was so great to see so many of the happy faces we training in the last 4 intakes. Quite a few were away, either sickness or work calling them away from the ceremony. I always enjoy the flamboyant way they celebrate at Air NZ Aviation Institute. I will miss that.

So proud of so many of the recruits graduating, thank you for allowing me to be part of your AirNZ experience. Well done, you deserve it, go well into your future.

AirNZ Graduation

2016 Round the Bays – Panda!

After changing my costume choice several times, I finally settled on a panda for this years Round the Bays (Auckland). Turns out, that was by far the best choice!

Children and adults alike enjoyed running with, calling out, and taking photos with the wheelie cool panda.

Again I mangled the 16.8km (8.4km race, but I wheel from he finish to the start before the race starts) in a pretty decent time, even with very little training. Due to previous early morning commitments I wasn’t able to get as much training as I would’ve liked prior to the Fun Run. Yet, I still was able to pound out an astonishing average time of 35:50, only a few mins slower than my gorilla suit time of Onehunga half marathon (based on time/distance pace)!

Panda 2016 RtB