2016 Round the Bays – Panda!

After changing my costume choice several times, I finally settled on a panda for this years Round the Bays (Auckland). Turns out, that was by far the best choice!

Children and adults alike enjoyed running with, calling out, and taking photos with the wheelie cool panda.

Again I mangled the 16.8km (8.4km race, but I wheel from he finish to the start before the race starts) in a pretty decent time, even with very little training. Due to previous early morning commitments I wasn’t able to get as much training as I would’ve liked prior to the Fun Run. Yet, I still was able to pound out an astonishing average time of 35:50, only a few mins slower than my gorilla suit time of Onehunga half marathon (based on time/distance pace)!

Panda 2016 RtB

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