Highnoon (Mt Eden Range)

Another club event, I trainined and had a few mental distractions, which of cos was very clear to see in my result (609.7). We discussed after this shoot, a few plans for 2014 including a couple of Aus National events and Bangkok. The club has several shooters that are keen to start fundraising for Bangkok and putting in funding applications for Aus to see our team at these events.

TASC group outing meetings 26-27th Nov

I was asked by TASC (the Buddy Organisation) to assist them in group meetings for Rotorua and Tauranga over two days. It was challenging enough being in a car that long, however very rewarding. Good conversations with great people helping to making contacts and connections with those attending. I feel a great encouraging lift when attaneding these as they help those in need networkign to overcome their own challenges. I’m privilaged to be invited along.

Belmont Intermediate School

This morning I met up with 3 classes (thanks to my Uni Teachers College friend B. Minton) to share with them a little bit about my life, some choices I’ve made and adventures I’ve been on. I felt connected with this group of children and they asked some fantastic questions, most of which were really emotional and deep. The focus of my presentation was pathways, careers, choices with committment and determination; to be honest I see most of the group already had this in spades! Amazing school rounds and I look forward to going back and seeing more students from this school.

Auckland Marathon (registrations)

1st & 2nd Nov
The last couple of days I assisted the volunteer team with registrations for the Auckland Marathon. Firstly, on Friday 1st I wanted to try something new, so went to the Help Desk on the computers. Here we adjusted names, transfers and new registrations, a great learning curve and I relished the challenge.

Saturday the 2nd (as I did the previous year) I helped on the 10km (quarter marathon), 5km and kids marathon. I really enjoy this as I can make balloon sculptures for some of them and interact with both the parents and the children. As I was leaving my shift I notices the Help Desk line was about a half marathon long, so I offered extra help till the queue dispursed a little, two hours later! Happy to help.

The team of people that give their time so that events like this can happen are amazing. Any big event like this would not be possible (or hugely inflated prices) if volunteers weren’t involved. The Heart Foundation support crew also did an amazing job arranging the volunteers and lots of other stuff I’m sure I don’t know. Well done.

Qantas cabin crew intake

15 new recruits today, only 2 of them male and still a great team spirit. As always Sandra and I presented and was disected with some interesting questions. It is a pleasure working with new staff getting into the travel and tourism industry, they have direct contact with those of us with special needs so being able to share with them “…really we have the same needs and wants as you…” creating a mutual respect and understanding.