12hr Torpedo 7 (Event Promotions) at Puke track

For this Sat event to take place, I was told on Thursday that the event was cancelled!! Due to lack of interest and only 50 registrations for 3,6,& 12hr events. So I managed to call around and spoke with Tony (North Athletics) and he allowed me to use lane 1 at Millennium Stadium on Sat. After a great start (and upto 6 hours in) everything was fine. Around the 7hour mark I started to have a few challenges with my left shoulder, at 7.5hours I was mostly only using my right arm to push around the track. Nearly 8 hours in my lap times had dropped from 1min 30sec to 4mins. One of my support crew cycled alongside me and explained I need to stop, so at 210laps (84.4km) 8hours on a normal race track I stopped. Devistated I sat in the boot of my car till we packed up and when I arrived home I reflected on the event.

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