Wedding of Gavin & Casey

This photo really does say so much…

I had a wonderful experience of being asked to perform their wedding, and these guys were a hoot. They even had ‘The Final Countdown’ by Europe playing just prior to the bride walking down the aisle!! Ha ha, crack up.

After meeting with them several times before the wedding, I got to know them pretty well. They were incredibly relaxed and connected. Not only did they laugh at almost everything, not only were they chilled about all the wedding plans, not only was Casey still giving time to help child mind for other family members, but also writing their own vows and inviting me to their reception… Aww… Beautiful ceremony and reception held at the Waipuna Hotel and Conference Centre.

I really wish them all the best for their new future together and all the successes they deserve. I thank them for the honour of being their celebrant and letting me into their lives, just a little bit.



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