Right Track – 8th June program

I can’t explain just how amazing this program is. If there’s anyway you can help or support this program, please do it!

Today there was 14 young people on the course and we (Steven and myself) managed to assist Rose (ARSU nurse) in presenting some basic facts to them. The program itself is aimed at troubled youths and helping them change their decision making process, change their outcomes, resulting in better consequences for them and those around them.

Honestly, I am so happy and proud to be part of this program and supporting them. I don’t feel like I do much, but hopefully my story helps them. I wish I had something like this program when I was younger, it might have helped changed my decision making process. I know now in later later, I make better choices and as a result benefit from better outcomes.

John, Brenton, Helen & the team do an amazing job running this program. Massive thanks to them and the crew.

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