22nd – 26th May : MSNZ conference and AGM

For those of you that don’t know, I volunteer on the People in Motorsport committee, with MSNZ. It’s a great way to give back, volunteer towards anything to do with MSNZ. Remember that at every event, (regardless of track, rally etc) there’s always several people that will be volunteering to make sure you have a great & safe event day.

It’s hard getting a group of people together, but when you do, you get results. People in Motorsport committee meet up and work on our presentation for the conference. It was great to see other committees, and see them present during the conference as well.

The AGM is, well, the AGM that is like every other AGM that people know of.

Thanks again for having the conference in Chch. I had a ride in tram, wonder around the city, dinner out each night, and managed to catch up with a friend as well. Amazing what you can fit into a trip 🙂 Oh, even managed to bump into Jason Gunn on the flight home, and the new MSNZ president!!


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