AIA (Auckland International Airport) staff training

So good to see that some companies really care about their customers, so they up-skill their staff to support their customers.

I was invited to show AIA staff my vehicle and talk with them a little about my disability as what it means. I also managed to share with them a bit about my life and highlight that with adaptation, most disability factors aren’t an issue at all.

Big factor about AIA most people don’t realise (neither did I), is that it’s constantly changing and growing. Currently, they’re removing the car park A and moving a bunch of the roads we know to make it easier in the future. But this change creates challenges of its own. So now the staff need to know about protocols for mobility impaired customers.

Customers have the option of their car being valet (at no cost), dropping their vehicle at one of the car parks further away and using a shuttle (at no cost), or (only if they’re dropping off or collecting a disabled person) they can park in the mobility car park directly in front of the terminal!

Great day with Margret from Freedom Mobility there as well. I believe was managed to really help this already great crew become a little better 🙂

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