2hr track race run Hampton Downs

Wow, what an event. It was super hot, and only got hotter. Well to be fair, it was actually cold in the morning, but I didn’t hear anyone complaining.

They had to postpone this event due to cover lockdowns, and now they finally were able to put it on.

I had a hand from a great friend Graeme Williams and he supported me perfectly 🙂 Big thanks to him. This reminded me that even when I’m doing an event alone, I can’t do it alone. It’s only with the help and support of others I manage to do anything.

I had an idea of 10 laps, perhaps 12 max, but as the day went on, I realised even 10 would be a struggle. I forgot about the hills and how hot the suit can get! Ha ha, but on the plus side of wearing the suit, other runners get motivated. Always lots of laughs and smiles when I’m in the suit.

So ultimately, pushed myself to a 10 lap finish about 4mins before the 2hr cut off! So I’m happy, 10 laps 1hr 55min

Firefighter Sky Tower Climb for LBC

I’ve climbed the tower, but in the last 5 years, I support the FiredUp event.

Firefighters from all over NZ enter and take part in fundraising for LBC and climbing these stairs. So far the firefighters have raised in excess of $9,200,000 for LBC!! Currently these step legends raise over $1m each year!

I’m so happy and proud to be part of the new the volunteer to support this worthwhile event.