NZ Open – 29th & 30th (Mt Eden range)

What an experience!!  After so much training for my R1, it was quite an eye opener to shoot so well in R3. Great competition with great people, well run with the assistance of Rob & Dave, cheers guys.

Wrangled myself a PB in NZ Open match on Saturday, happily finishing in 4th position. On Sunday getting a similar score, proving my training is paying off & still with my goal on Australia as my pinnacle event for this year, my coach and I believe I’m on target.

Air New Zealand graduation for several latest intakes

What a wonderful evening at Rennie Drive 🙂

I was welcomed and given a glass of orange juice and mini sandwiches, like it was a small slice of heaven for me! Ha ha. Even though I was sick with a bad case of Man-fluenza, everyone was pleasant and still spoke to me.

They always put on a great show and very interactive. Tonight was special as earlier today the new All Blacks safety video/song.

Thanks to Hazel, Natasha, Shirley, Stan, Maylin and any others I haven’t mentioned 😀

The Skytower Corporate Climb – for LBC

Scotty & Heather from FiredUp Events always do such an amazing job organising volunteers and making the most of a fundraising event for Leukaemia & Blood Cancer NZ (LFC).

It was a great day, I was being the MC telling over 600 people the safety rules before they went running up the 52 floors! Truly a wonderful experience and for such a fun event, it managed to raise over $335,000 🙂

Huge thanks goes out to all their sponsors, LBC volunteers, the fire fighter volunteers, and of everyone that helped rise these massive funds. Well done to all involved, great job at this fundraising event.

Corperate Climb LFC 2015

Cheq for $335,000

Cheq for $335,000

Qantas intake #58 speaking

A large intake for this Qantas group of only women! Strange there’s normally a male or two, but on this occasion just the ladies.

The presentation is quite intense and gives the listeners an overview of specific needs in a broad sense. It’s all about giving a idea of what they may encounter, in a positive and humours way.

They were all wonderfully interactive and responded well. In fact, one of the ladies was very outspoken & has leadership qualities thats for sure.

Thanks as always for having me present to this intake.

ACS05 2015 AirNZ Aviation Institute

I thought all the ‘interesting’ questions had been asked of me, I was wrong. This new team was good at shaking my off my feet and thinking outside the box. It was a small intimate group, but made up for it with enthusiasm and encouraged each other massively.

I always enjoy my time supporting new individuals coming through Air New Zealand Aviation Institute, so warming & happy.

This team will I’m sure make the most of their futures in this wonderful industry.

8-9th Aug Mothers Chrome Expression Session – Drift for a Cause

The Hotrod Show filmed us wheel we (the Drift for a Cause team) were at the Hampton Downs event.

It was a fantastic, fun event and looking forward to doing more with DFAC by getting more sponsors to support this growing charity. We are trying to secured Gull, Toyota and a couple of other sponsors and everyone we speak with is very positive and wanting to be involved with DFAC.

This is the Hotrod Show, season 2, episode 1 that has a little piece of DFAC. A big thanks to Doug, Peter, and the rest of The Hotrod Show team.

Mothers Chrome DFAC

Healthcare Rehabilitation – Service Managers Conference meeting

(30 national managers)

It was great having so many leaders in one place wanting to learn about how to interact with their clients more effectively.

We all had a few laughs and got a little emotional at times too. It was my pleasure to share with them some of my story and give them a few insights into their client base. I was impressed with their listening and the questioning skills but mostly just their attitude for becoming better service managers.

After a great time with the HHL group, they presented me with a wonderful ‘Koha’ (Maori thank you gift) full of food! It’s like they know me, you can only say thank you to a gift basket of food!

HHL Koha