NZCup round2 (in Christchurch)

It was an interesting flight down, they lost my chair! Had a great time in Koru Lounge though so not that bad. We practiced at the Parafed Canterbury hall, with shooting to be over the Sat and Sunday at CPC. I shot on Sat with semi moving targets, and managed to gold in Prone for the day (without a final). Sunday faired better as the targets had been adjusted to settle faster then 1 1/2mins! in standing (I couldn’t shot in a final) I managed to shoot myself to a silver.
Currently still waiting on side guards from the airport, apparently now a 3week wait while they are ordered from TiLite… It happens on some flights.

Memorial Stair Climb

In rememberence of the firefighters that lost their life in the Sept 11 World Trade Tower disaster, a small number of fire fighters from around the country to do a climb of the BNZ tower (28 floors). I was only assisting them with registrations for few hours, but a really amazing environment and team to be involved with. Big ups to them.

AirNz Aviation Institute

Had another great couple of hours with 16 new wonderful students. They asked some interesting questions and seemed to really have it together as a group, laughing and joking as we went through our presentation (luckily laughing at my jokes). Thank you Air NZ Aviation Institute for the privilage of meeting this up and comers.

Bungy, Cliffhanger & Zorb

Thanks to being contacted by a wonderful German film Co., I was treated to a road trip through our beautiful lands. Taupo Bungy staff were well versed in the language of safety and I felt held by their words (& their straps). The bungy was pretty scary, but felt amazing! It was probably more the lead up that scared me most, so we I went over to do the Cliffhanger, being faster to set me up, I guess it wasn’t as scary, yet more enjoyable. Huge thanks to the Taupo Bungy crew for their efforts.
Once that was over, we flew off to Rotorua for the Zorb! Arriving at nearly home time, I was very impressed by the staff hanging back to let me bounce down a hill in a bubble. Again, the lead up sacred me more, however rolling zig-zag down a hill with a fair few litres of water did give me a fear of drowning a couple times. I still managed to do it twice 🙂
All in all, a great day!