Firefighter Skytower Stair Climb Challenge

After last year breaking my collarbone I decided this year to just help out. It was a privilege to be able to assist these men an women. This year there were 50 volunteers, approximately the same amount of people they had at the first tower climb! Over 500 people climbed the tower this year and over $315,000 raised, with one individual raising over $15,000 by himself (unassisted by the station)!! Outsanding efforts, makes me feel slightly insignificant by compairison.

1st May – Qantas speaking engagement

To present to the new cabin crew a new perspective of dealing with specific needs individuals. We giving them an overview of some of the more common disabilities and indentify the similarities of able-bodied passengers and that of special needs passengers, in a manageable learning environment. This group of 12 new staff took the presentation very well and the trainers, as always, welcomed our visit.