Oxfam support crew – Taupo 100km Trail Walker

Another year, and supporting another group of crazy kids walking for 100km in support of the Oxfam charity over Sat 28th and Sun 29th continuously for 30hrs.

This time we started at the later time of 7am with a whizz and a bang. Teams of 4 can have all kinds of complications throughout this event, true to that, this team had struggle of their own…

Early on one team member was removed due to deteriorated health issues, then 2 stages later (about 68km), another team member succumbed to failing legs. Both his knee caps were swollen with serious pain both behind and above the knee region!! The remaining 2 crew managed to swing home at the 23hrs 24mins, nearly 5hrs faster than their previous year!

Everyone had a marvellous time and through it all, the tears, the pain and the dirt, everyone did an incredible job with tremendous effort and gusto. I for one, was proud of my team and felt they all did an amazing job.

Oxfam support crew car tag

Oxfam support crew car tag

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