Demolition Derby

So after a full on day with shooting at the Mt Eden Champs, Disraeli Street range, I headed on to Waikaraka Park Speedway to take part in the Mad Butchers Demolition Derby.

Thankfully I have some wonderful friends that have supported me to get this car prepped, ready to race and down to the track. Which I really needed after the morning full of shooting competition!

What an event, we had fires, cars rolling, the engine stalling and loads of laughs!! It was another experience I can clock up to having great friends and a wonderful support network.

Big thanks to Mayne Automotive for sponsorship of the vehicle, the team at Resense Onehunga for the colours and paints used, Mark Felton for arranging the signage and Chaz Brown for the enthusiastic support he always offers!

1973 280 Merc Benz

1973 280 Merc Benz

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