OXFAM 100km trailwalker (support crew)

Oxfam Finish
The ‘Team Discovery’ did an outstanding job smiling throughout. Starting at 6am on Saturday morning and walking till 10am Sunday morning! I am blown away by all their sheer determination and will power. The chance to create change for famine ravaged families around the world, stared in 1942 OXFAM (the Oxford Committee for Famine Relief).

Team Discovery managed a mighty 27hours 100km walk and reached their target pooled together for OXFAM, reaching nz$787,710 (presently total).

Epic start at a very chilly 430am wake up, followed by the prep work and getting to the start line for the kick off at 6am. First check point was slightly over shot by us (the support crew) as we were too early for the directoring volunteers! We made it with plenty of time to cheer them in seeing them off for Check Point2. This leap froging continued to the end, the last CP only 4.9km from the finish. With very sore feet, blisters galore and masses of smiles, they laughed to the end.

It was a mission supporting them, with approximately 7hours sleep each from Friday morning till Sunday night, yet still not as amazing as NO sleep and continued walking 100km’s for 27 hours!!

Challenge Poverty. Challenge Yourself. (& they certainly did)

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