Coatesville Classic Half Marthon (8km & Kids 2km Dash)

In one word – Freaking Awesome. I love this event & look forward to smashing myself against the hills again next year.

Lusi (Cyclone) managed to postpone the event, but not dampen the high spirits of teh organisers or the runners. I met a lovely couple at the start line telling me (with smiles, always smiles at the start) this was their first half marathon! So cool.

The team Rob has assembled himself with to create the Sketches Coatesville Classic really makes this event beautiful, if you can ignore the slight undulating course… Own the hills, don’t let the hills own you!

Wonderful views, and as the start was 730am, managed to see mist on the fields and clear sights while the temp was still nice and low. Simply perfect weather for a run around the Coatesville area, great part of Auckland.

Sad, but possibly the last event this trusty gorilla suit will see… I think the suit has just had enough after exceptional number of races and a few years of heavy wear.

Man, I'm so hot.

Man, I’m so hot.

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