Onehunga High School, year 12’s

OHS year 12 18th Aug 2016







What a great reception!

I had spoken with their teacher the week before and already worked out how to pitch my story to their particular level, and the pre-talk meeting really payed off. Thanks to the OHS class teacher Ceri, she managed to help me understand some specifics about what the school is going through at the moment. It’s a tough time for everyone involved.

They listened really well, especially as this was the last class, after a long day and the sun was streaming through he windows. (For those that don’t know, after food or at the end of a day is the hardest time to give a talk) . Fabulous questions that were both thought provoking and stimulating for the rest of the class. Showed they listened intensely.

Thanks to OHS for having me and I look forward to returning for another chat next year.


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