Halberg Junior Disability Games first meeting

I’m the team co-ordinator for the newly formed Halberg Junior Disability Games ‘Team Auckland’ and today was their first gathering. I was truly worried about how the day was going to go and Saturday having trouble with my slideshow was very nervous. I needn’t of concerned myself with any of this, as the group was amazing.

We met at the Ellerslie YMCA, ate a little and sat through some presentations before having playing games. Everyone chatted and new bonds were formed between adults and the athletes.

Fun time for everyone, we shared some kai, information and some laughs. It was great to see these kids of ages 8-21 with numerous abilities mixing together. My presentation was well received and I managed to learn a lot for the experience (an Maia) to take me forward to our next gathering.

YMCA Halberg JDG

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