Gitex 35th Technology week in Dubai

Wow! That is the only way to describe the country, city, people and event itself!

Totally blew me away, and was so much more than I expected.

Rex had been invited to attend the 35th Gitex Technology week in Dubai. Through a company Amana Health, Rex was on the Etisalat stand, demonstrating the amazing device. Technology Week was from 18th-22nd of October, and what a week.

The people we met through being on the Etisalat stand were really beautiful, friendly and really interested in the Rex rehab device. Apparently it was the one of the most interesting devices on any stand there. We’re talking about thousands of stands, over a massive area. Dubai does not do things on a small scale… Worlds biggest mall, worlds tallest building, The Palms, etc…

I am literally living my dream of several years ago. Travelling the world, talking and being involved in sport!! Aside form other activities I’m involved in, I am happy to give time to Rex Bionics as they have got an amazing product that I full respect, appreciate and stand behind.

Thank you Rex Bionics for inviting me to be part of the Etisalat stand and participate at the 35th Gitex Technology Week in Dubai. I am humbled by the experience.

Pikki & myself up standing in Rex, on the Etisalat stand.

Pikki & myself up standing in Rex, on the Etisalat stand. With NZ Trade Minister Haylon Smith (on the left) and Evelyn McNally NZ Trade and Commercial Advisor (on the right) next to me.

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