Taupo Motorsport Track, July, ZoomZoom (round2)

After a great season, even with some excitement in the garage, we managed to have a very successful first Round. Morrell Motors looked at ZoomZoom and with some parts, fixed the problems we were facing last Round.

So Sat saw us revisiting Gray in the drivers seat and Travis in the passenger seat at Taupo for Round 2 of Sprints. Gary and Travis are both now looking at going for their C Class licenses in next couple of weeks.

Sunday was Clubmans racing, on for International Track again for Kurt and I. We found the fuel problem rearing its head, however we had a Yogi (RnR Automotive) on our team. He shot into town and picked up a new fuel pump, then fitted it between races! No easy feet when the pump is in the fuel tank.

Great day, great weekend and at the end of the day ZoomZoom was on Gary’s trailer and after driving the whole time, and then trailered home to Gary’s shed. Another fantastic weekend for Team Motive 🙂


Accessibility video for AT

Helping promote the walk ways and pathways around Auckland 🙂  I normally push around on my day chair or race chair, but when with friends on bikes, it’s easier on my hand cycle.

When in a wheelchair, pretty much every activity means using a different piece of equipment, or having an adapted mod added to the day chair.

I personally find it really cool to be healthy and encourage others, and especially other chair users, to also think about their health and future 🙂 We only have one body, and how we treat our bodies, really effects how our mind works as we age.