Wings for Life World Run (Red Bull)

Let’s do a run ‘Wings for Life’, at 11pm at night, on a Sunday!! Ha ha, sounds like madness, but it’s for a good cause.

All the proceeds from WFLWR event goes to spinal research, what a great cause.

It was raining, my squirrel suit head was smashing on my glasses (hurting my nose), and my hands were slipping on my push rims giving me blisters and stuff. That’s ok, could’ve been worse… After a few laps (3 laps I think), apparently I’d managed to do 0.01km in 30mins before the virtual car caught me. I still managed to come 70782nd in the world, and 215th local male position. Ha ha, so I still did ok!

Oh well, unlike almost every event, this event wasn’t about the distance, it was about the fun in fundraising. 206,728 people took part and raised over 5.8mil Euro!! Great job everyone 🙂

Putting the fun in fun-draising, this event was great, I’ll be back again next year that’s for sure. Maybe in 2024 I wont finish in the middle of the ocean! Ha ha, that’s what the app said.