12th Nov – Step Up corporate public Skytower climb (LFC)

This event finally happened again, postponed and cancelled previously due to Covid19 restrictions.

Huge fundraising effort behind the scenes for LBC to support the great work they do. All volunteers support this event, along with LBC staff (like Jaydan and Unvi) 🙂 I just turn up, grab a mike, speak a few words, then I’m off! Ha ha. Big hype and loads of fun, as Scotty says “always smiles at the start line”.

Big thanks to FireUp Events, James (for doing the PA last min and playlist), LBC staff for running the event, and of course huge thanks to Skytower for allowing the event to happen!


Senior Awards ceremony

In the new gym!

What a great school OHS is, and I’m so proud to be back at my old alumni giving back. Each year I honour one student with a special award. With the support of the principal Deirdre Shea, the year dean selects a student, based on the criteria I’ve given them, to receive the award.

I wasn’t the best student, and I’m sure I gave a few teachers a couple of heart-attacks along the way, but all said and done, we all want the best for everyone. The school of life is hard, and we’re all in it together, remember this is a win-win life cycle and this school helps promote that, Loyalty and Courage. You win, I win, we win better.

I had another opportunity to give back and support my local community 🙂