B&H500 Endurance racing event – Pukekohe

Wow, so great that Team Motive managed to put this together.

I’m only a small cog in this big inclusive ability race car machine, and it’s awesome! So great to be on Pukekohe track and racing this car against so many other vehicles, at the last B&H500, ever! Team Motive set up a 3 team driver plan (Tony Christian, Kurt Peterson and myself).

This will be one of the last races at Puke, due to it’s closure April 2023, next year. Team Motive was fortunate enough to be gifted an entry to this B&H500 endurance event thanks to HRC 🙂

We had a PlayDay on Friday (thanks to Gary Sterling), however practice was cancelled early due to rain and spillage of fluids on the track, making it unsafe. That meant I didn’t get a chance to do practice and learn the track. We did manage to do a little re-con before driving was completely cancelled, and set up the garage, which all added to our race day prep on the Sat.

Once the event started, we were going really well, until… The car stopped on Tony, mid track. He (& ZoomZoom was trailed back to our garage, and we all spent 28min going over everything, only to find it was a simple overheated coil pack! Ha ha. Hugs thanks to 24Red and Shaun for helping us figure that out, and get back on the track. From there, not a single hiccup! 🙂  I took the second shift, and Kurt pulled us across the finish line.

What a great event, without going into details, big thanks to everyone involved (there was so many), thanks to the sponsors, and also the other drivers, we all did our part.