Qantas Intake #76 Nov 13th

A beautiful small group this time, not that low numbers stopped this intake from being just as loveable. Graham the Qantas trainer did a fantastic job of keeping the students (and us) on our toes. Each time I get asked intense questions, I get reminded that we are all different, and we all think differently. No wrong thinking, just different and that difference is what makes each of us special and needed in this world.

Hugs to Sandra for her support today and high five to Graham for his energy within the class, really supporting they learning.

Nov 4th Onehunga High School senior awards

Back at my old Alumni OHS, seeing all these young faces (more came in after this photo) with all the wonders the future has in store for them. I really enjoy being there and able to support the school with this small award.

I look forward to seeing students grow and be supported now, and into the future. Each time I come back to this award ceremony, I meet with last years student and see how they have progressed. What a wonderful process I’m blessed to be able to witness.