Firefighter Skytower Stair Challenge 2019

Every year these firefighters never cease to amaze me.

Within a few months, these brave men and women, paid and volunteers, do way more than expected and channel their efforts to raise funds for LBC.

$1,318,000 raised for LFC in 2019 by Firefighters doing their thing. Supported by FiredUp Events, this annual cause is backed and supported by so many great companies and entities.

What made this year so special, wasn’t just the amazing fundraising, but it was the 15th year of the event. It all started as a 2page proposal by Tony Scott. Just awesome to think that one persons dream and passion can blossom into a huge life changing annual event. Very cool and grateful to be part of it each year.

Challenge Camp, Rotary – 2019

Another great camp run by the Rotary group.

Challenge Camp is a fantastic was for Rotary to help others and in such a incredible way. They support the teen leaders to help others with physical and other needs to overcome and for a few days, do more than they thought possible.

I was asked to speak to the group of leaders and teens giving encouragement to all. I felt this was as much a learning experience for me as it was for them. Huge thank you!