Auckland Marathon – first inclussion of wheelchairs

Finish line

This was the Auckland Marathon event where wheelies were invited to take part and race over the Auckland Harbour Bridge for the first time!
Starting at Devonport and soon becoming very hilly, all the way through to the bridge itself. What a great course and this very special event happened to be my first ever marathon as well.
ASB were fantastic supporters of the event, inviting wheelies to their tent at the finish line. All of their helpers were very helpful and gave assistance where needed at the grass tent area. They also helped with bbq food an drinks. Yum, great way to finish a race.
I secretly asked the organisers for a particular race number (anything with legs eleven in it) and they accommodated, giving me 30011 🙂 Freaking yay!
What also made this event special for me personally was racing with one of my early wheelchair racing legend Gavin Foresham. My first marathon, his 40th marathon! FYI – I managed a reasonable time of 2hrs 23mins for the 42km event, just in case you were wondering 🙂

Qantas – Jet Connect, intake #67

The Cabin Crew

A big thank you to the training staff at Jet Connect as they set us up for a wonderful day with high expectations. Sandra and I have never been let down. Your training is at expert level and selection of intake is at a very high standard.
Again we were met with a wonderful smiling intake team with excited minds and intense questions. I’m sure everyone is this team will go on to great things in any area they pursue. At the end of the session I felt loved and appreciated, what more can a speaker ask for!
Thanks to Qantas Jet Connect for having us help your new intake learn about disability and special needs. It was our pleasure.