Onehunga High School Level2 Health Class

I was asked to speak to the Level 2 health class at OHS.

It was a pleasure and an honour to speak at my old alumni. I enjoyed the class and the questions they asked me, both thoughtful and fun. When asked again to go back, you know I’m gone say yes.

What surprised me was the level of attitude they had, how attentively they listened to me and how well they responded to my stories. Thanks for being awesome and helping me help you understand more about the struggles of life.

Rotary Challenge Camp

Wonderful to meet with a bunch of youths that are support day a group of other teens from different areas around the world, coming together at Challenge Camp at Muriwai beach.

Some of the youth from Rotary Youth Leadership Program come back to help Rotary by providing an environment that will physically, intellectually and emotionally challenge these young people. Any group of motivated people that can help young leaders do this, really impress me.

Always big ups to Hilary Prior for being camp mother. She is amazing and somehow gets the most out of every single person. I’m happy to be invited along and feel privileged to talk to this group.