Rex Bionics at INRF

Rex Bionics and I were demonstrating at the Integrated Neurological Rehabilitation Foundation open day at their Claude Brooks Drive facility.

It was a wonderful morning and having a few cookies always brightens my day.

Walking around in Rex and explaining what Rex is able to do, more so than just walking. The new Rex-Excises and other activities that can only be performed when both arms/hands are free and client can be free to focus on the activity, or walking. No need to worry about balance and stability.

I totally love the Rex rehab device and the Rex team, it’s always a pleasure to get out there and show others what is possible.

Rex INRF 23rd March 2017

TASC – Back on Track

I’ve been involved with the TASC organisation for a number of years as I believe in the work they do and how they support others.

The “Back on Track” program looks at sharing the stories and experiences of other individuals that have been through the spinal unit and can help those still going through struggles, just by sharing their experiences. Some of the guest speakers are there to share on other topics, but it all adds to a more vibrant life of what is possible in the future for the patients.

It’s a wonderful time to be able to go back to where my chair journey started and convalesce about what has happened to me personally. I shared and they listened, with some deep questions afterwards. I love the organisation and the people that gladly give their time to see these activities be successful.


Round the Bay (Auckland)

Another year, another suit for Round the Bay’s 🙂

This year I wasn’t able to get the suit I wanted, so settled for a favourite of many children, the Panda suit. However I put a little spin on it, with a Sombrero sewn into the head. Ha ha. It was like adding a sail to the costume, I don’t think I could’ve made it much harder!

As always, the crowd and children really enjoyed it. And that, ladies and gentlemen is why I do it.

RtB’s 2017 sombrero