Hobsonville Point School

I had the pleasure of being invited to Hobsonville Point School to speak with some students about myself and the technology I’ve been involved with.

Wow, what a school. It’s hard to fathom a school with this many advanced technologies available to them, and the resources that the teachers help support. School have come a long way since I was at school in 1990 at OHS, way, now I feel old.

They really listened to my story and after we discussed some of the technological advancements I’ve been involved with (wheelchairs, racing chairs, RexBionics, etc), they followed up with some great questions, moving into a small discussion towards the end of our time.

If you live in the area, this is the school to send your children too. If your a student, then you are sooo lucky! All the teachers I met really seemed passionate about the school, the programs and the way the school is supporting the students learning. Fantastic HPS, keep it up.


Wedding of Allan

I had the wonderfully lovely pleasure of being the celebrant for my neighbours of 8 years!! What a fantastic day and we were all so thankful it didn’t rain till after the bride had arrived, exited the car and the ceremony had started. Talk about perfect timing.

The marriage was held at Pah Homestead in Mt Roskill, and wow, what a place.

They are a beautiful couple and they have always been a couple as far as I’m concerned. I just conveyed they’re words around an offical act, and everyone had an awesome day.

A big thanks to Allan and his blushing bride for having me as your celebrant.

We are grateful to Lee for his guidance in planning our wedding ceremony. He met with us several times, both together and separately, and helped us create personal wording that we were very happy with. He arrived early on the day to ensure everything was set up, and used his humour and natural ability for public speaking to make our day special and memorable.


Onehunga High School, year 12’s

OHS year 12 18th Aug 2016







What a great reception!

I had spoken with their teacher the week before and already worked out how to pitch my story to their particular level, and the pre-talk meeting really payed off. Thanks to the OHS class teacher Ceri, she managed to help me understand some specifics about what the school is going through at the moment. It’s a tough time for everyone involved.

They listened really well, especially as this was the last class, after a long day and the sun was streaming through he windows. (For those that don’t know, after food or at the end of a day is the hardest time to give a talk) . Fabulous questions that were both thought provoking and stimulating for the rest of the class. Showed they listened intensely.

Thanks to OHS for having me and I look forward to returning for another chat next year.


Step Up Skytower Stair Challenge – Corporate Skytower event

This was only the 5th year that Fired Up Events has run this challenge and yet they still managed to put a new roof on the cheque book! This years fundraising took in over $400,000 for LBC 😀  That is a mammoth effort from all thee corporate climbers who pay (through fundraising) to have the privilege to run up 51 flights of stairs… Wow…

To all the volunteers, the LBC team and the Skycity people involved in this event, thank you. You all do a fantastic job to make sure events like this look seamless to those watching. It’s all about communication, involvement and professionalism. Yet somehow I’m still involved! What a privilege it is.

Step Up Skytower Stair Challenge 5th Aug