Wedding of Brendon and Stephanie Buttell

What a beautiful day, amazing couple and perfect setting at French Bay, Auckland.

The couple had some incredible people supporting them on this day, so just a testament as to their character really. So awesome how their friends arrived early to prepare the area for the wedding ceremony and the guests.

It couldn’t have ben a better day, shade under the Pohutukawa tree, and a slight breeze on such a lovely sunny day only a week after Valentines Day!

Both of them looked excited by the ceremony about to take place, yet it was easy to tell in their eyes it meant so much. That’s what a wedding is all about, love, commitment and trust in those around you. Awh, what a totally awesome day.

Wedding 2

Deadpool massive premier

So, I have been to many, many previews before but this was epic!! Not only did a few friends and myself get treated to horderves, drinks and snacks prior to the Extreme Screen screening at Hoyts Sylvia Park, but the atmosphere was decidedly electric!

After being seated and getting a goodie bag with limited edition drinks, etc and ice-cream, we were privileged to the awesomeness that is/was Deadpool

Since this amazing unPC, not subtle, laugh-a-minute screening, I have purchased several Deadpool books. You know I always try and read the books that form the basis of any movie.