Drift for a Cause track fun day – Sunday 28th June

What can I say, thanks to Cam Vernon and Gary Sterling for allowing me to become part of the inner circle on & off the track. They have invited me to assist with the running of DFAC car and organisation of events. What an honour.

These guys have set up such a great trust to assist people to have a play in a drift car at Hampton Downs! Totally amazing & totally free for the individuals 😀  So exciting and exhilarating that I for one was shaking after being out on the skid pad. No experience necessary, 16 – 18 with parent consent.

They now have the trust set up a charitable bank account for donations! Prior to that, most of the dollars had come from Cam’s own pocket! Not that he would admit it, what a legend. Why did he do this… because he can 🙂 He’s so modest like that.



Shooting Camp 16-19th June

Well, it was a great week, we had some Aus shooters over to practice with, along with some locals from the Waikato at the Disraeli Street PASC indoor target club . Everyone enjoyed the week of shooting and it was a great led up to the NZCup3 event on the weekend.

Thanks to all my supporters who believe in me and support me in their own way. You all give me hope to succeed and keep following my dreams.

A huge thanks goes out to all the supporters and volunteers that make events like this possible, too many names to mention, so lets just say great work 🙂

NZCup3 athletes

NZCup3 athletes

Training Camp then NZCup3

Myself at Training Camp