Wedding of Vonita and Jeremy

What an amazing day! Getting married on ANZAC day, but not just any old ANZAC day, it was the 100th Anniversary!

This couple had arrangements organised and almost everything, the i’s dotted, with t’s being crossed on the day. A wonderful backyard wedding for just a select few, luckily enough I had been invited as well.

Vonita and Jeremy shared with me some of their life stories and parts of their incredible journey which lead them to this point.

With a couple of computers on the ready, Skype viewers from Australia, they had a beautiful wedding.

Vonie and JP

Vonie and JP

Qantas new intake 56 – Flight Attendants

A wonderful bunch of 16 enthusiastic people treated us as we began presenting at the Jet Connect building at Auckland Airport.

They started off with a whizz and a bang, yet managed to continue with this enthusiasm right till the end!  I was very impressed with their ability to work as a team, and the active participation they all showed.  Always a pleasure working with such an easy, fluid, enjoyable team.

Well done Qantas intake 56 🙂  I’m positive you’ll all make fine cabin crew.

Intake 56 - Jet Connect

Intake 56 – Jet Connect

Halberg Junior Disability Games 10th-12th April

Wow, being part of this massive event was so much more than I ever imagined.

The Halberg set up for these games at St Peters in Cambridge was a real eye opener. Being around some fantastic kids with varying impairments that just wanted to play, participate and enjoy their time with new friends.

Never have I come across such open mind and open hearted people. Everyone that had a hand in these games seemed to be completely selfless.

It was a fantastic 3 day event (two nights) with soo many games, organised like ‘The Big Day Out’. Whatever sport they wanted to participate in, the individual just registered online in advance and then took part.

So many happy faces, so many kids, so many volunteers and so many awesome experiences. Thank you so much to the Halberg group and everyone that was involved in making the first Halberg Junior Disability Games being so successful.

JDG 2015 Ak Team

ACS03 Aviation Institute

I had the opportunity to present to another group of Aviation crew from Air New Zealand.

This team of 14 strong had a shy sense about them when we started, that was until we shared about ourselves. After a short period they warmed to us and began to ask questions with childlike curiosity.

We neared the end and everyone was finally enjoying themselves. As we came to the end there were cheers and laughter. What great students and future Travel and Tourism people.

Yet again, I find myself thanking the Air NZ Aviation Institute for allowing me to present to their students.


Demolition Derby

So after a full on day with shooting at the Mt Eden Champs, Disraeli Street range, I headed on to Waikaraka Park Speedway to take part in the Mad Butchers Demolition Derby.

Thankfully I have some wonderful friends that have supported me to get this car prepped, ready to race and down to the track. Which I really needed after the morning full of shooting competition!

What an event, we had fires, cars rolling, the engine stalling and loads of laughs!! It was another experience I can clock up to having great friends and a wonderful support network.

Big thanks to Mayne Automotive for sponsorship of the vehicle, the team at Resense Onehunga for the colours and paints used, Mark Felton for arranging the signage and Chaz Brown for the enthusiastic support he always offers!

1973 280 Merc Benz

1973 280 Merc Benz