12hr Torpedo 7 (Event Promotions) at Puke track

For this Sat event to take place, I was told on Thursday that the event was cancelled!! Due to lack of interest and only 50 registrations for 3,6,& 12hr events. So I managed to call around and spoke with Tony (North Athletics) and he allowed me to use lane 1 at Millennium Stadium on Sat. After a great start (and upto 6 hours in) everything was fine. Around the 7hour mark I started to have a few challenges with my left shoulder, at 7.5hours I was mostly only using my right arm to push around the track. Nearly 8 hours in my lap times had dropped from 1min 30sec to 4mins. One of my support crew cycled alongside me and explained I need to stop, so at 210laps (84.4km) 8hours on a normal race track I stopped. Devistated I sat in the boot of my car till we packed up and when I arrived home I reflected on the event.

Discovery (D53)

Another 2 weeks with the Discovery for Teens camp, another fantastic time getting to know some new people, and changing lives. This time I was doing the shared role of music coordinator, hard role yet very rewarding. On this program I was privallaged to have a chance to mingle with a some parents before they left, the changes that were taking place because of the Discovery for Teens program is huge! This is wy so many people volunteer their time and energy towards for this program. Looking forward to next program (D54) in April.