Highnoon 29/9/12 at ‘The Range’ Mt Eden

Few issues going on and excitement for the new toilets, ramp, fence and attendees from the last couple of Thursday club nights.
Shooting is incredibly intense like chess, and I’m sure its just as boring to watch. However those that are in the know find it thrilling.
Only managed a 582, but still inkeeping with my average of 580’s. My coach (Mike J, Paralympic multi medalist) is constaintly helping me adjust my positions and thinking to align myself with better scores, the results will follow later.
We also have made inroads to creating a new shooting table for me 🙂

Onehunga Half Marathon – Sunday gorilla suit event

Apparantly this event has been running for the past 8years! First I heard about it, and absolutely loved it. A well run event with a raft of happy volunteers giving as much as the entrants themselves.

As always, rocking up in a gorilla suit people politely think your doing a 5 or 10km section, then the faces change as you buzz past runners in a heafty very un-streamline gorilla suit.

The course started in Onehunga, by the RSA and went down the mall, along Neilson Street, ddown past the Waikaraka Cemetary, along the walkways, over Mangere Bridge, around Kiwi Esplande to Ambury Farm, then back to the Onehunga Lagoon. Absolutely beautiful 🙂

Plus, completely ‘fun run’ so all about participation, I love that. I heard numbers of approx 800 entered this year, well done to them, I hope they’re happy with their own time. Cost thats really whats its about.

I managed 1hour 32min, not to shabby in a gorilla suit, and burned off 1386 calories 🙂 nice.

Right Track – at Auckland Spinal Unit

Spoke to a group (19 or so) at risk youth for the Right Track (developed by Eduk8 Charitable Trust). They target ‘at risk’ kids who may have already been in trouble with the law, or have been involved with people who have (friends/family) and is a 42hr massive educational programme that delivers a lot to help individuals on the course, if they want to make the righ choices. I present to them my lifes story, in a fun interesting way, letting them know being in a chair can be awesome, yet it does effect myself and others around me in profound ways. You can almost see some of the attendees thinking about some of their own choices that have impacted people around them.
This is a very forfilling programme which I personally thouroughly enjoy and selfishly get a lot our of as well 🙂