NZ Cup – Round 1, 16-17th June

Over both Sat & Sunday the competition was well run (straight after the PNZ training camp).

Due to a previous committment I was unable to attend Standing R1 shooting on the Sat, so pushed myself to shoot both Prone and Standing on the Sunday. turns out this was a success for me, proving I can improve (from the camp) even under pressure.

Silver in Prone (6 points behind the Gold) & new PB
Gold in Standing (only by 3 points ahead of 2nd place) & new PB

So overall getting two new PB’s made me happier than winning the silver and gold, but I hear thats normal (from Rod Corban sport Pysch).

Shooting training camp – Bev Cambers, Rod Corban, Mike Johnson – 14-15th June

Great two days of shooting training, mental toughness and ability. We all learned a few more skills to help us deal with destractions, and persevre in different situations.

I got lots of little tid-bits that Im sure will help me keep moving forward. Training with a target & pellet beside me, leaves on a river, cleaning my weapon, etc…

Thank you to the afore mentioned crew (plus many others) who helped make this training camp a success.